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Let me be your guide – A walk-through of my cultural heritage

The project is part of the KA2-SE-37/18. The idea of this project arises from the need to make students aware of the importance of their local and national cultural heritage and as a consequence, to make them be able to preserve customs and traditions and pass them to younger students and to gather more knowledge on tangible heritage and act as tourist guides to foreign and domestic visitors who come to school and as mentors to younger students during activity days and regular lessons. The students will thus take on a more active role in the process of (self) learning and peer-teaching. By working with schools from different countries the students will learn how geoclimatic, social and historical backgrounds and settings influence on their own cultural heritage. They will look for differences and similarities and they will learn both, to treasure their own heritage and national identity that is sometimes neglected in modern times of globalisation.


You've got mail, pal!

The aim of this project is to make and send e-postcards on the students' hometowns before meeting each other on exchange visits.

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Naša šola od leta 2011 sodeluje v eTwinning projektih, v tem času pa je že dvakrat prejela nagrado Zlati kabel za najboljši eTwinning projekt 12-15 let v Sloveniji.